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Honeywell TrueCLEAN Improves Your Air Quality

2012 31-07



Just about every family has someone who suffers from issues aggravated by poor indoor air quality.  The new TrueCLEAN Enhanced Air Cleaners, an advanced whole-house air cleaning system, will improve the air quality in your home and decrease these issues.

The TrueCLEAN system cleans the air in your home using advanced 3-step filtration technology.

Step 1: Particles enter the TrueCLEAN system through ionizing points and become electronically charged.

Step 2: Particles travel into the air filter and are captured into the fibers.

Step 3: Once the particles are captured, the charging strips continue working to destroy microorganisms inside the filter.

Honeywell introduced its first Electronic Air Cleaner nearly 50 years ago and our history of performance and reliability have made them the #1 consumer brand ever since.

Download a TrueCLEAN Brochure or find a Rheem Contractor for a quote on a new air cleaner.