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Nicor Summer Staycation Specials

2012 11-07

Between July 1 and September 30, 2012, Nicor Gas is offering five sizzling-hot rebate packages.  These limited-time rebate offers give Nicor Gas residential customers five new ways to receive big rebates for turning their homes into energy-efficient retreats. There has never been a better time to participate in the Nicor Gas Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program!

Visit to get all the details on the Summer Staycation rebate packages. There’s something for every Nicor Gas residential customer, so make sure you learn about these hot opportunities.

Coil Cleaning Will Help Restore Coil Efficiency

2012 02-07

Over time, dirt and grime will collect on your outdoor coil, causing the compressor to work harder.  This adds more heat and raises the pressure within the system, resulting in a longer run time to condition the air within your house.

Often, coil cleaning of residential air conditioning equipment is not done or done inadequately with water. Water may remove debris mechanically, but will not emulsify the film deposit that resides on the coil. 

Nu-Calgon’s TriClean 2x is a specifically formulated detergent-based chemistry that effectively emulsifies and dissolves dirt so that it is easily rinsed off.  TriClean 2x is an effective cleaner, and its biodegradable chemistry is safe on equipment year after year to restore full capacity of your coil.

Ask your local Rheem contractor about cleaning your coil.