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Flood Damaged Water Heaters

2013 22-04

If your water heater has been submerged in water, do not attempt to repair, install, or operate the product. Due to the conductivity of water along with its corrosive properties all the operational controls are rendered unsafe. As for the insulation properties of the product, it would have become saturated with water which cannot be removed resulting in exterior corrosion and failure of the product.

The affected water heater should be removed and replaced with a new unit. As a further note, warranties on our products will not be applied when the product has been damaged, among other things, by flood. Any claims made will be declined if it is determined the cause of failure is the product being damaged as a result of flood.

Flood Damage to Heating & Cooling Equipment

2013 22-04

Rheem Air Conditioning Division is cautioning residents of areas impacted by recent flooding to promptly call a trained, professional contractor to inspect all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment before resuming operation.

Flooding or partial to full submersion of HVAC equipment can damage safety features within the unit and the controls. Consumers, whose units may have been subjected to flooding, are advised to immediately contact a trained, professional service contractor to assess the equipment. The Rheem Air Conditioning Division recommends that any HVAC equipment subjected to flooding be replaced and scrapped to avoid any risk of injury or harm.

Please note: Immersion by flood water compromises the operational components of HVAC products and will void the warranty on such products.