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Your Power Needs

2013 09-09

The size of your generator isn’t determined solely on the size of your home. What’s most important is determining what you want powered to keep your family comfortable in the event of a power outage.

Interested in powering only a few essential items, such as your refrigerator, some lights, television, and perhaps a microwave? The Rheem 8kW with a 50 Amp AutomaticTransfer Switch provides power to 10 electrical circuits. Perfect for small homes.

Provides power for a select number of circuits as well as powering up to two air conditioners. Do you want to power your essential items, but also have some additional high wattage appliances? The Rheem 10-12-16-20kW can be paired with Automatic Transfer Switches that can power all of your essentials and up to two 5-ton air conditioners, while also providing access to additional high wattage items.

What is a transfer switch?
Usually installed outside or right next to your circuit box, a transfer switch is the brain behind your generator system. Its job is to sense when your power is out, automatically “switch” on your generator and manage backup power to your home. It supplies backup power to the home in as little as 30 seconds.In order for a Standby Generator to operate properly, it will need to be connected to the appropriate Automatic Transfer Switch. Automatic Transfer Switches are sized by amperage demands of a home’s electrical service, and therefore offered in ranges from 50 Amps to 400 Amps. Many newer homes include 200 Amp service to accommodate increasing demand for electrical power.

An authorized Rheem dealer or your certified electrician can work with you to determine your exact power needs prior to purchase. Your local Rheem Standby Generator Dealer can handle the complete installation.

Problem With Power Outages?

2013 21-08

500,000 Americans are affected by power outages each day. These losses can range from minor inconveniences to a huge headache. Imagine having to replace a refrigerator or freezer full of food, cleaning a flooded basement caused by a backed-up septic system or even worse.

When a power outage occurs, a standby generator system automatically provides power to your home until utility power is restored. It is permanently connected to your home’s electrical systems and is powered by your natural gas.

Rheem offers Automatic Home Generators that provide permanent, backup protection from power outages for your home and your family. The home generators will cover your home’s basic circuits providing backup power to your lights, refrigerator, television, computers and other small appliances. Designed to fit any property, this generator has flexible placement options, making backup power a reality for many homeowners.

Fully Automatic – Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away.

Flexible Placement – Rheem standby generators can be placed as close as 18″ from the home providing more placement options in your yard.

Durable Enclosure – Rust-resistant, Galvanized steel enclosures are made from the same materials used in the automotive industry.

Quick Response – Automatically powers your home in seconds after sensing a power outage.

3 or 4-Year Limited Parts Warranty – We stand behind our warranty and make it easy for our customers to work with us.

Contact your local Rheem Contractor to find out more about Rheem Generators so you are not left without power.