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Nest Can Give You A Thoughtful Home

2016 27-12

Nest products installed in your home can help you save money, keep your family safe and stay connected to what’s important. Together they do even more to create a thoughtful home.

nest-4productfamilyNest Learning Thermostat
The Nest Learning thermostat programs itself, automatically helps you save energy when you’re away and can be controlled from anywhere.

Nest Protect Smoke and CO alarm
The Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires and carbon monoxide. It tells you where the danger is and alerts your phone in case you’re not home.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera
Nest Cam Indoor helps you keep any eye on what matters to you. It looks for motion and listens for sounds. If something’s up, it sends an alert to your phone.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera
Nest Cam Outdoor stands watch 24/7, rain or shine.  And it sends an alert when it detects activity. This is what an outdoor security camera should be.

One Home. One App.
The Nest app brings everything together in one place, so you don’t have to switch between apps. And, you don’t need to program everything to work together. It all happens automatically.

Works With Nest
Nest’s philosophy for the “Thoughtful Home” is to have as many smart products in the house talking to each other as possible. The more communication the better. Nest works with all kind of things – lights, appliances, fitness bands and Google Home.  Find out more about what works with Nest here.

When you purchase a Nest thermostat through a Nest Pro, you’ll receive an 5 year warranty. Contact a local contractor to find out more about Nest.


Connect Your Home With Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

2016 08-06

The second generation Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat knows when you’re home early from work or when you’re out late with friends.  It keeps your home at just the right temperature when you are home and allows you to save money when you are away.

  • Easy installation and setup right at the thermostat or through the Lyric app.Lyric_Thermostat
  • Works with Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings to deliver an even greater connected home experience.
  • Control from anywhere by smart phone or tablet.
  • Location-based temperature control uses your customer’s smart phone location to adjust the settings to save energy when they’re away and help make them comfortable upon arrival.
  • Maintains comfort by considering indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Sends homeowners maintenance notifications and alerts about extreme conditions to help maintain efficiency and extend the life of HVAC equipment.

Contact a Rheem Contractor for more information or to purchase a Lyric Thermostat.


Ecobee 3 Thermostat Reads Temperatures in Multiple Rooms

2015 14-07

Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in only one room, but are supposed to deliver comfort in all rooms. Ecobee3 remote sensors deliver the right temperature in the rooms that matter most. This creates more even temperatures throughout the home.ecobee3

The ecobee 3 intuitively understands when to turn on the heating or cooling equipment based on your home’s unique energy profile and the weather outside, making sure your home is comfortable at all times.

It senses whether anyone’s home and which rooms are occupied, and delivers comfort when at home and savings when not.  This can save you an average of 23% annually.

The thermostat can be monitored and controlled anytime, anywhere, on a smartphone, tablet or computer and includes a 3 year warranty. Customer support is also available at or 877-932-6233.

The Ecobee3 is eligible for a $100 rebate on the installation of a new smart thermostat from ComEd. Find out more.


ComEd Now Offers Smart Thermostat Rebate

2015 07-07

Beginning July 6th, you can earn a $100 rebate when you have a smart thermostat installed. Currently, only three thermostats are eligible for the rebate – the Ecobee 3, the Honeywell Lyric and the Nest Learning Thermostat.  Some important facts about the rebate are below:

  • Must be purchased and installed between July 6, 2015 and May 31, 2016
  • Com Ed must be supplying electric
  • Must be installed by a contractor
  • Must show proof of purchase and installation
  • Must show that it is connected to a power source
  • Can be installed with a new system or on an existing system

For more information and to download the application visit


Above information is subject to change without notice.  This is for informational purposes only. Please visit utility websites for details.


Honeywell’s Lyric Thermostat Optimizes Comfort in Your Home

2014 07-07

lyric stat

Your life doesn’t follow a set schedule, so why should your thermostat? With Honeywell’s new Lyric System, you can control your thermostat from anywhere and even enable responsive setbacks, so there’s no learning curve, no rigid scheduling—just comfort when you’re home and energy savings when you’re away. The Lyric thermostat features:

  • Geofencing automatically regulates temperature when you’re away
  • Fine Tune considers temperature and humidity
  • Smart Cues keep you informed
  • Shortcuts create custom settings for recurring events
  • Control from anywhere with your smart phone

The Lyric thermostat can help you maximize energy savings by automatically regulating temperatures in your home and it can increase your comfort. Contact your Local Contractor to have a Lyric Thermostat installed today.


Rebates Available Through Nicor energySMART Program

2014 02-06

Nicor’s energySMART program offers simple steps toward energy savings.  The energySMART program includes an energy assessment, free products and rebates on high efficiency products for your home.  If you are a Nicor customers planning to purchase a furnace or heating and cooling system, visit for more information on how you can save. Loan programs are also available.

If you are a ComEd customers, you can also find information on Air Conditioning rebates on the ComEd website.

Energy Smart

White Rodgers Thermostat Recall

2014 23-05

White-Rodgers has issued a press release in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announcing a voluntary recall of certain programmable thermostats.

The thermostats are being recalled because the alkaline batteries used in the thermostat can leak onto the circuit board posing a fire hazard.  Please refer to the press release containing important safety information concerning these devices.

To determine if your thermostat is affected by this recall and to register your thermostat, click here.


People’s & North Shore Gas Utility Rebate Changes

2013 04-06

People’s Gas & North Shore Gas are entering the third year of their rebate program, and some changes have been made.  The new changes are effective for the program period of June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014.

The Residential Program has a new name and new rebates for our customers. Click here for the new rebate and program updates for the Home Energy Rebate Program (formerly named the Residential Prescriptive Rebate Program).

Full program requirements are listed on rebate applications, visit the utility websites at and


Above information is subject to change without notice.  This is for informational purposes only. Please visit utility websites for details.

Nicor Utility Rebate Changes – Effective June 1, 2013

2013 03-06

Nicor is entering the third year of their rebate program, and some changes have been made.  The new changes are effective for the program period of June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014.  Furnace and Water Heater changes are below.

$200 ≥ 92% AFUE (no change)
$300 ≥ 95% AFUE (was $250)
$400 ≥ 97% AFUE (was $500)

Storage Water Heaters
$100 – ENERGY STAR qualified with Energy Factor ≥ 0.67

Other Highlights include:

  • Complete System Rebates increase for customers of by Nicor and ComEd
  • Value Package Rebates are available when installing the furnace, air conditioner, water heater, pipe insulation and programmable thermostat
  • New rebate application and easier process to apply
  • New fact sheet

Rebates are also available on Boilers, indirect water heaters, hot water pipe insulation and programmable thermostats.  The rebate amounts for these items will not change in the new program year.

For complete details on all rebates and application process, visit the

Above information is subject to change without notice.  This is for informational purposes only. Please visit utility websites for details.

NIPSCO Rebates

2013 29-05

If you are a NIPSCO customer in Indiana, you can save money and energy with NIPSCO’S rebate program.

The program offers natural gas and/or electric customers an opportunity to save with rebates when you replace your old, inefficient equipment with new, high efficiency gas and electric equipment. Rebates are available on:

  • Residential Boilers
  • Residential Gas Furnaces
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Variable Speed Blower Motors
  • Programmable Thermostats

For more information on NIPSCO rebates download this or visit